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Year End Part Specials

Year End Parts Special

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Manufacturer PN# Description

Preferred Instruments

SDW-12275 Boiler Monitoring PWC Controller with FWC for 3 Boilers, 3 Economizers and 1 DA
PN-12275-001 Ashcroft – DP Transmitter, 0 to 10″ w.c., .5% Acc., 5:1 turndown, 4-20 mA output, 1/4″ NPT
16107 Tyco / Anderson Greenwood – Calibration Block Valve for PSI Transmitter
16108 Tyco / Anderson Greenwood – Syphon loop, 1/2″ x 1/2″, Carbon Steel
PN-12275-004 & 005 Foxboro – Pressure Transmitter, Span Limit 10 & 300 psig
Foxboro – Pressure Transmitter, Span Limit 0-200 psig
104087D Thermocouple, Type J, .25″ x 20″, 1/2 MNPT Ungrounded, Inconel Sheath
92088-J-B20PP Wire, thermocouple, shielded, Stranded, 20 Gauge (150′)
70610 Thermister w/ well
70612 Ambient Air Temperature Sensor
16822 3 Pole Contactors (Motor Starter) 10AMP
ZP-20 In-Situ Oxygen Detector and Probe Assembly with mounting kits
190680 ZP Probe Mounting Kit
190130 ZP Probe Connecting Cable (100′, 50′, 50′)
BMU-OIT10 10.4 Operator Interface Terminal Color Touchscreen
BMU-LCD BMU Standard LCD Touch Pad
BMU-SM-15 Servo Actuator, 15ft Lbs torque, 90 deg / 30 sec.s, 5K Potentiometer, 3/8″ shaft (SPST) Aux Switches
BMU-UVSC-10C Ultraviolet Self-Check Scanner with 10Ft Cable Connector
BMU-IR-10C Infrared Non Self-Check Scanner with 10 Ft Cable Connector
BMU JBox BMU Quick Disconnect Termination Box
PWR-Cable-Assembly-12 Quick Disconnect Cable, 4 Wire, 12 Ft
PWR-Cable-Assembly-6 Quick Disconnect Cable, 4 Wire, 6 Ft
COM-Cable-Assembly-12 Quick Disconnect Cable, 8 Wire, 12 Ft

Siemens Combustion

SQM33.550A9 Siemens Servo Motor
SKD62UA Siemes Feedwater Valve Actuator (used)

Power Flame

(2) Boiler Hot Water Lead / Lag Panel with RWF 40s

Superior Boiler Works

SBDS-1630-1.2544-AC 1-1/4″ High Pressure Blow Down Separator with After Cooler, 16″OD x 30″L

McDonnel Miller



7150-200F 2″ Vortex Gas Flow Meter ANSI 150 Flanged


SRV 1.5 x 2.5 Set at 15 psi, Capacity is 1,276pph
Chemical Feed Quills, 12″ long, 316, SOSP
1/4″ OD, Copper Tubing
3/8″ ID, Copper Tubing
Airco Ignitor and Spark Plug