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Benchmark Design LLC Process Equipment


T.A.S.T.E Evaporators ™ · Waste Heat Evaporators · Plate Contact Driers


BENCHMARK DESIGN, LLC (Benchmark) specializes in process design, engineering, project design and equipment manufacture for food processing, by-product recovery processing, oil and essence recovery and folding, waste treatment and recycling industries. Benchmark’s current technology is the direct result of a continuous process of invention, practical application and improvement begun over 65 years ago (1942) by Charles S. Walker, founder and former president of Gulf Machinery Co. and Gulf Machinery of Brazil (GUMACO).
Benchmark offers proprietary designs for primary processing systems and components. These products include its highly efficient water removal systems for fluid concentration and solids drying, such as the T.A.S.T.E.™ evaporator (Thermally Accelerated Short Time Evaporator), the indirect heat fire dryer, and waste heat evaporator systems.
Benchmark’s roots are in the highly competitive and cost conscious citrus industry where its evaporation, fire drying and waste heat recovery technology is used in over 90% of the world’s citrus processing capacity.
Benchmark equipment is durable. Equipment installed over 40 years ago by Charles S. Walker is still operating and competitive.
Benchmark has a joint venture with Dedini of Brazil where they manufacture our designs for installation in Brazil or wherever supply from Brazil is advantageous to the customer. For large projects, particularly where completion and/or process bonding are necessary, Benchmark has a teaming agreement with two major engineering companies. On an individual project basis, Benchmark provides the process design while the other team member provides engineering contracting, project management, and bonding services as required.
Benchmark is an innovative company with a background of significant technical achievement and a reputation for cost-effective engineering. We look forward to applying these capabilities to your project.
Benchmark Design, LLC is proud to be a part of the worldwide expansion of the citrus industry. As our customers have grown, they have allowed Benchmark Design, LLC to grow. As our customer list shows, we are proud to serve some of the best processors in the world.