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Preferred Utilities

Preferred Utilities engineers and fabricates fuel oil handling systems for diesel generators and dual-fuel fired boilers for mission critical facilities such as data centers, hospitals, and emergency response facilities. Our engineers specialize in mission critical fuel oil system design so they are current with the latest industry practices and fire protection codes. In addition, Preferred Utilities offers a wide variety of fuel oil system components designed to meet the unique requirements of our fuel oil customers. Preferred Utilities' industrial factory is located in Danbury, CT

Safety Type Oil Heaters

Safety Type Oil Heaters are hot water or steam to oil double wall heat exchangers providing a reliable, efficient, and safe method of heating oil for boiler plant operation.



Safety Type Oil Heaters are water- or steam-to-oil double tube heat exchangers providing a reliable, efficient and safe method of heating oil for boiler plant operation. While used as a standard on hot water to oil heating applications, Safety Type Oil Heaters enhance steam to oil heating by permitting condensate to return to the boiler. If there is a tube failure, the problems resulting from possible fuel oil con tam i na tion of the boiler and associated piping are minimized. On water to oil installations the high cost of providing pumps, expansion tanks, feeders, valves, etc. to pro vide an intermediate closed loop system is eliminated. On steam to oil installations the Safety Type Oil Heater avoids the substantial inefficiencies and prob lems involved with disposing of exchanger condensate that is prohibited by many environmental agencies because of the possibility of oil entering the disposal line system.


  • Six pass design, utilizes a tube within a tube construction.
  • 225 psi test pressure and 100 psi working pressure in both shell and tubes.
  • Oil heating capacities from 85 to 25,000 GPH (20 to 100 F oil temperature rise) depending on the steam pressure
  • The hazard of a tube failure causing fuel oil contamination of the boiler and associated piping is minimized.
  • Should a leak occur, the oil mixes only with the sealing fluid and is visually indicated at the rear safety chamber. Oil does not enter the boiler water or condensate system



Fuel oil heaters shall be of the Safety Type, six (6) pass, tube within a tube design with a capacity to heat _____ GPH of No. 6 fuel oil from ______°F to _______°F when supplied with (steam at ______PSIG) (water at ____°F.) Heaters as furnished by Preferred Utilities Mfg. Corp., Danbury, CT, shall have 304 stainless steel tubes for oil, and shall comply with ASME requirements for 100 PSIG operation on both shell and tube sides.