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Preferred Utilities

Preferred Utilities engineers and fabricates fuel oil handling systems for diesel generators and dual-fuel fired boilers for mission critical facilities such as data centers, hospitals, and emergency response facilities. Our engineers specialize in mission critical fuel oil system design so they are current with the latest industry practices and fire protection codes. In addition, Preferred Utilities offers a wide variety of fuel oil system components designed to meet the unique requirements of our fuel oil customers. Preferred Utilities' industrial factory is located in Danbury, CT

Fuel Oil Heaters and Assemblies

Key Features

  • For Internal and External Tank Applications
  • Maintains Fuel Oil Temperature During Standby and Cold Starting Conditions
  • Approved By The New York City Board of Standards and Appeals

Please contact the factory for all oil heater related suggested specifications, (203) 743-6471


Cross Flow Steam Heaters
Steam To Oil Heat Exchanger designed to provide a dependable and economical means of preheating fuel oil.

Electric Oil Heater
Model L, Electric Oil Heater – Installed on the discharge side of oil heaters that use steam or hot water as the heating medium to maintain oil temperatures during standby and cold starting conditions.

Safety Type Oil Heaters
Hot Water or Steam To Double Wall Heat Exchanger – Six pass design, utilizes a tube within a tube construction.

Suction Bells
Model SB, Suction Bell – Allows a loop system to be brought up to temperature with a small electric heater at the pump and heating set.

Suction Stub Heater
Model SS, Suction Stub Heater – Stocked for 230/208 VAC single phase current in a variety of sizes.

Tank Heating Coils
Model B, Tank Heating Coils – Used on underground storage tank applications where excessive ground water, unusually cold ground conditions, or high pour point oils dictate the need for reserve heating capacity.