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Siemens Combustion Controls

Combustion control gas valves, control motors, flame safeguards, electronic burner management systems, temperature and leak test controls approved for use world wide. Siemens combustion products feature modular construction for single source simplicity. Component compatibility assures low installation and operating costs plus dependable, safe operation. Rigorous quality testing optimizes reliability and process performance.

Control Motors

Siemens Control Motors

Siemens control motors are highly versatile modulating actuators used for the positioning of flow control valves, butterfly valves, dampers, or any application requiring rotary motion.




The SQM5 is available in a wide range of torque ratings from 90 to 400 in-lbs. and running times of 8 to 50 seconds. A selection of exchangeable circuit boards provide a variety of functions including zero and span adjustment, parallel or master/slave operation, split range control, input signal override and selectable electronic linearization.

  • Six easily accessible internal switches
  • Auto/manual switch allows easy adjustments
  • Externally visible shaft position indicator
  • Highly modulating accuracy/rotational resolution
  • Low hysteresis actuator with double-offset drive and potentiometer gearing


The SQM4 Synchro is an economical modulating actuator, the SQM4 Synchro has versions up to 90 in-lbs, with 12 or 25 second drive times for 90 degrees. Some of the benefits of the SQM4 Synchro actuator include:

  • NEMA 4 out of the box – No need for weather shields
  • No restrictions on mounting orientation – No more elaborate linkages to keep the shaft horizontal!
  • The modulating input version accepts 2-10 Vdc, 4-20 mA or 0-135 ohm control signals – one motor


SQN7 control motors are designed to drive gas and air dampers for burners with small to medium capacities.

  • Line Voltage floating or proportional control
  • Optional feedback potentiometer
  • Up to 22 in-lb torque
  • Auxiliary switch