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Preferred Instruments

Preferred Instruments manufactures microprocessor based controllers, instruments, and electric actuators for combustion and process applications. Preferred Instruments also manufactures oil tank gauging and leak detection equipment. A major component of the Instrument group sales is from control systems integration and personal computer based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems. Preferred Utilities' industrial factory is located in Danbury, CT

BurnerMate Universal and BurnerMate Industrial and Cleaver Brooks Hawk ICS Comparison


The Preferred BurnerMate Universal (BMU) meets the CB Hawk ICS specification. The chart below illustrates the full capabilities of the BMU and the BMU Industrial for larger boilers. Both the BMU and the BMUI are microprocessor-based and configured in the field. They do not require factory programming or factory program changes.

Fuel Air Ratio Control

Preferred BMU Industrial Preferred BMU Hawk ICS
Single Point Positioning Combustion Control
Parallel Positioning Combustion Control with Fuel/Air Ratio Cross Limiting
Parallel Positioning with Oxygen Trim
Fully Metered Combustion Control
FGR Control Using Windbox O2
Low Fire FGR Cutback Control Reduced FGR amount until Stack Temperature reaches Setpoint.
Atomizing Steam/Air Control Based on Pressure or dP Pressure Provides Atomizing Pressure or Steam/ Oil dP Pressure vs. Firing Rate Curve Determined during Startup
Provide ASME “Short Form” EfficiencyCalculation All use “by losses” method
Servos up to 720 ft-lb torque
System Monitoring via 10” HMI Color Touch Screen
LONworks or BACnet Communications
VFD Control of FD Fan, ID Fan, FGR Fan, and/or Feedwater Pump Hawk ICS controls FD Fan VFD only
Separate VFD ByPass Curves
Main Steam Flow Rate & Totalization
Boiler Gas Flow Rate & Totalization
Boiler Oil Flow Rate & Totalization
Ambient Combustion Air Temperature
Night/Day Setback Control
Oil Pump Status Display
Steam Flow Pressure Compensation


Flame Safeguard

Preferred BMU Industrial Preferred BMU Hawk ICS
Complete NFPA 85 Burner Sequencing
First-Out Annunciation of over 40 Limits * Limited by E-110 or RM-7800
Adjustable Time Delays Help Prevent Nuisance Trips
Lockout Snapshot Displays Status of all Controller Variables for last Ten Lockouts
High Stack Temperature Alarm and Shutdown
Supervise and Display High and Low Limit Alarms and Shutdowns
Dual Scanner Inputs
Universal Scanner Inputs (Change scanner type without changingamplifier)
Accepts Third Party Scanners
Fuel Changeover “on the fly”
Proven Low Fire Start
Assured Low Fire Cutout
Microprocessor-based BMS
Gas Valve Leak Detection * * With special flame safeguard
Automated Oil Gun Purge
Five Auxiliary Relays can be Configured to Power Boiler Room Auxiliaries
Dynamic Self-Check Function
Display up to 100 Stored Alarm Functions
Ethernet TCP/IP Communication
Pass Code Protection
Daily Automatic Low Water Cutout Blow-down Test


Preferred BMU Industrial Preferred BMU Hawk ICS
PID Steam or Hot Water Control
Integral Single, Two-Element, or Three-Element Feedwater Control Hawk ICS has single element control only.
Integral Draft Control with Firing Rate Feedforward
Outdoor Air Temperature Reset for Hot Water Boilers
Warm Standby to Keep Lag Boilers Hot
Low Fire Hold
Cold Start Ramp
Dual Set Points (Local or Remote Selectable)
Day/Night Setback
Supervised or Automatic Water Column Blowdown Test
Interface with Plant Master Lead/Lag Controller via 4-20 mA inputs or Modbus

System Serviceability

Preferred BMU Industrial Preferred BMU Hawk ICS
System is Fully Field Configurable
System Requires Factory Program Change for Upgrades
Inexpensive Software is Available to Backup and Restore Configurations
Factory-Trained Service Personnel Available from Multiple Sources
Parts Availability is Guaranteed by the Manufacturer for 10 years.