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Triad Boiler Systems

TRIAD Boiler Systems TRIAD Boiler Systems began almost 85 years ago manufacturing hot water heaters and hydronic heating convectors. The company soon expanded into the production of Hot Water Boilers for commercial radiant heating applications. Today, TRIAD continues this tradition by manufacturing Premium-Quality Commercial, Packaged Hot Water and Steam Boilers.


These modular units can be fired sequentially, based on heat-load requirements. With the use of commonly recognized, off-the-shelf controls and burners such as Honeywell, Powerflame and Riello, replacement parts are easy to obtain.


Commercial Modular Boilers of All Types TRIAD Hot Water and Steam boilers use a steel firetube design with inputs ranging from 210,000 to 2,000,000 Btu's. Multiple units can be operated via a control panel to produce many millions of Btu's. All TRIAD models from 600,000 Btu's to 2000 Btu's carry an Underwriter's Laboratories (UL) listing.

Series 300 Low Pressure Steam Boiler

Series 300 Steam LP

Overview:The Series 300 Steam Boiler is available with firing inputs from 300,000 Btu/hr to 375,000 Btu/hr. However, many millions of Btu’s can be delivered by creating an efficient, fully modular system of multiple vessels properly sequenced by a control panel.

Design: The Series 300 Steam Boiler is manufactured to exceed ASME Section IV standards and typically is used to provide operating pressure of up to 15 psi with nominal operating temperature of 218°F to 240°F.

These vessels contain 37 vertical firetubes, each of which is 1½” diameter, each fitted with a high-efficiency turbulator for maximum heat transfer. The combustion chamber is fully water-backed, with burners that are UL listed.

This boiler qualifies as a Category I gas appliance with industry standard controls wired to NEC specifications.

Safety: A well-made, heavy vessel is naturally a safer boiler. But TRIAD Boilers also have a firebox design that is completely backed by water, along with extra safety controls on the boiler that results in a very safe and secure package.

Standard Features: The following standard features include nationally known parts and controls that are available at most supply houses, allowing for quick and easy repair and maintenance, which can dramatically reduce down time:

  • UL Listed Gas Trains and Control Systems.
  • Choice of Power Burners.
  • Main and Auxiliary Gas Valves
  • Air Flow Switch
  • Main Manual Leak Test Valve
  • Pressure Control
  • High-Limit With Manual Reset
  • 5801-30 lb Pressure Gauge
  • Siphon Loops
  • 15 lb Pressure Relief Valve
  • 150 Water Level Control
  • Automatic Low Water Cutoff
  • Gauge Glass Assembly
  • Honeywell Aquastat Relay
  • Burner Control Relay
  • High Visibility Operating Light
  • 1½” Diameter Firetubes of SA178-A Steel
  • Turbulators for Maximum Heat Transfer
  • Two Inches of Insulation With a Painted Steel Jacket

Model Input (BTU/Hr) Gross OutPut HP Output Combustion Efficiency GPM @ Riseº F Steam Output (lbs/hr) Heating Output (sq. ft.)
GMS-300 300,000 258,000 7.7HP 86.0% N/A 259 34
GMS-375 375,000 321,750 9.6HP 85.8% N/A 324 34

Feature Dimension
Vessel Width 22″
Vessel Height 57.5″
Boiler Weight 800 lbs
Boiler Depth w/ Burner 40″
Gas Inlet Height 11″
Return Water Inlet Height 7″
Height Required at Installation 82″
Clearance to Front of Boiler 48″
Clearance to Side of Boiler 18″
Clearance Between Boilers 3″
Clearance of Steam Pipe to Vessel Top 24″

Options:TRIAD offers several options to customize your boiler. A job is not complete until the boiler has been properly equipped for the application.

  • Choice of burner manufacturers fired by natural gas, oil, propane, or dual fuel.
  • Fan-Damper relays
  • Barometric Dampers and Galvanized Tees
  • Clean-out openings and plugs
  • Microprocessor Control Panel for true lead-lag modulation
  • Lifting Lugs
  • Rail Legs