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CAMUS Hydronics is a forward thinking world renowned manufacturer of Industrial, Commercial and Residential Boilers and Water Heaters

CAMUS DynaFlame Condensing, Near-Condensing and Non-Condensing Boilers

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Installation Operation and Service Manual – DynaFlame

“DYNAFLAME” is our new leading edge product with models ranging from 500K(BTU) up to 6 million (first in the industry for this style of Boiler/Water Heater).

The new DynaFlame is available in condensing mode with thermal efficiencies of 95%, or non-condensing offering up to 85%. The DynaFlame product is fully modulating and automatically adjusts the unit output based on the system demand. These units can be moved through a standard 30″ doorway. DynaFlame boilers exceed any emission standard by achieving extremely low NOx levels of less than 10 ppm.

Models range from 300,000 up to 5 million Btu with a 5 to 1 turndown.

Standard Features

  • 85% Thermal Efficiency
  • Suitable for Category 1 installation
  • All Bronze and Copper water surfaces
  • Range of burner modulation of 35% – 100%
  • Single point input adjustment for controlling air and gas
  • Extremely low NOx emissions exceeding air quality standards (less than 10 PPM)
  • Flow switch
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Very small footprint
  • Extremely low noise level operation
  • Metal fibre knit burner
  • Stainless Steel Outer Jacket
  • Stainless Steel Combustion Chamber
  • Advanced Digital Control System with pin point accuracy
  • Proven hot surface ignition with soft start giving rumble-free operation
  • Designed to allow easy access to components for maximum serviceability
  • Gasketless heat exchanger design
  • Inspected and tested to ASME requirements
  • Maximum allowable working pressure of 160 PSI
  • Maximum operating water temperature of 250º F
  • 24 volt circuit breaker
  • Protective air filter
  • Very low gas pressure operation (down to 2″ pressure inlet)
  • Main burner test firing valve
  • Temperature and Pressure Gauge