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Varec Biogas

Varec (VApor RECovery Specialty Company) began business in the 1930's at its manufacturing plant in Compton, California. Varec was there in the infancy stage of the biogas market in the early 1950's. From the onset, Varec's focus was to deliver Biogas Handling products that suited customers' specific requirements, even if it meant creating the product off the drawing board. Varec initially sold direct to end-users and in the 1970's instituted a Sales Representative Network that catered to Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plants. A select number of Sales Representatives in the United States helped Varec acquire approximately 90% installed base from the 2,500 Wastewater Treatment Plants that utilize Anaerobic Digesters for Biosolids Treatment built between the mid-60's to late 70's. Today, Varec Biogas is 100% dedicated in providing total solutions to the biogas market. In February, 2003, Westech Industrial Inc. acquired the biogas portion of the Varec business from Tyco Valves and Controls, LP Inc.

Condensate Accumulator

Varec Biogas 248 Condensate Accumulator

The Varec 248 Series Condensate Accumulator is designed to store large volumes of liquid condensed from biogas and allow the condensate to drain while, preventing any gas from escaping. Biogas is usually hot and saturated when it leaves the digester. It continues to cool as it goes through the piping system causing water condensate to drop out. The removal of condensate from the biogas piping system is necessary to protect piping and equipment from possible damage caused by corrosion or water hammer. The 248 Series Condensate Accumulator stores significant amount of condensate. It is usually installed downstream of the digester, or the Varec Series 233 Condensate and Sediment Trap at the lowest point of the piping system. The simple design of the 248 Series permits easy and reliable maintenance and operation. The unit uses an internal drip leg to empty the tank on an automatic basis. As the liquid fills the unit above the drain leg level, water is automatically directed to the drain. The long drip leg siphons the condensate from the tank, and stops when the level of the liquid exposes the end of the drip leg. The large condensate reservoir prevents pressure surges from expelling the liquid. two .5″ NPT connections are provided for sight glass installation. It allows visual inspection of the condensate level during start-up and normal operation. A large 2-inch NPT blowout and drain connection is used to remove entrained solids or sediment.



  • Large Condensate Reservoir
  • Simple Operator
  • Optional Alarm Switches